Mencap London – Decision Making Seminar

19th March 2020

On Thursday 19th March 2020, Philip Warford is presenting the Decision Making seminar to the families and carers at Mencap in London.

Mencap is the UK’s leading learning disability charity that provides support and services for children, young people and adults with a learning disability.

Philip will talk to parents and carers about the principles around mental capacity, what you need to consider and talk about what the future holds when their child reaches 18. The key principle is that no one has the right to make decisions on behalf of a person when they become an adult. The reality of this is not so clear cut.

If a person lacks the ability to make a decision then their mental capacity is questioned, Philip will explain the principles around mental capacity and what families and carers need to consider.

He will also talk about Powers of Attorney, appointing someone to make a decision on behalf of a person with a learning disability and how they can be used.


10:30 – 13:30


Mencap Centre of Engagement
Concordia House
123 Golden Lane



Organiser: Mencap

Venue: Mencap Centre of Engagement

19th March, 2020 @ 10:30am

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