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Wednesday 16 December 2020 – FULLY BOOKED

Having an up to date Will in place goes some way to provide for your disabled or vulnerable loved one, however in some cases it has the potential to create further problems. If you or a family member are considering leaving money directly to a disabled or vulnerable person you can put them at considerable risk of financial abuse and you are likely to impact their entitlement to means tested benefits and social support.

On Wednesday 16 December, Philip Warford will be delivering a free seminar via Zoom, talking about the options available to protect a disabled or vulnerable person using specialist Wills and Trusts. Philip will explain how you can safeguard means tested benefits and how you can provide financial security for a disabled or vulnerable person as well as the rest of your family. He will also talk through the different Trust options available, the importance of a Letter of Wishes and choosing the right Trustees.

Philip will explain:

Why it is important to make a Will

• How you can protect a disabled or vulnerable person using Wills and Trusts

• The choice of Executors and Trustees

• The use of Letters of Wishes

• Making Gifts in a Will

Why use a Trust

• When should you set up a Trust

• How to protect means tested benefits

Your Trust Options

• Discretionary Trusts

• Disabled Person’s Trust

For further information and to book please visit EventBrite here:

If you have a question regarding the presentation, please contact Elle O’Connor on 01273 610611.

Organiser: Renaissance Legal

Venue: Online - via Zoom

16th December, 2020 @ 10.00am

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